Patent #   Invention Title   Issue Date   ElectraLED Products Patent Applies to:
7,165,863   Illumination system   23-Jan-2007   FLEX, ELX, EFDS, SELS
7,506,995   Illumination system for use with
display signage
  24-Mar-2009   FLEX, ELX, EFDS, SELS
7,651,245   LED light fixture with internal
power supply
  26-Jan-2010   HeliOH/OH
6,665,170   Light emitting diode illumination system   16-Dec-2003   FLEX, MiniFLEX, GENESIS, Lunar Eclipse/ELS, Eclipse ELX, Total Eclipse/EFDS, Solar Eclipse/SELS, TrueLite/LS, VaporLite/VL
D624,214   LED light fixture   21-Sep-2010   TL
D616,118   LED light fixture   18-May-2010   TL
8,201,977   LED illuminated member within a refrigerated display case   19-Jun-2012   Eclipse ELX, Lunar Eclipse/ELS, Solar Eclipse/SELS, Total Eclipse/EFDS, TrueLite/LS
8,235,539   Elongated LED lighting fixture   07-Aug-2012   TrueLite/LS
8,235,555   Multiple use LED light fixture   07-Aug-2012   HeliOH/OH, TL, Orbluxx/ORBLUXX, Heluxx/HELUXXS/HLX, Kubeluxx/K#TL, Cyluxx/TLC
8,496,359   LED illuminated member   30-Jul-2013   Eclipse ELX, Lunar Eclipse/ELS, Solar Eclipse/SELS, Total Eclipse/EFDS, TrueLite/LS
D697,245   Track light fixture   7-Jan-2014   Assignment recorded at Reel/Frame 027609 / 0461
D703,359 S   Track light fixture   22-Apr-2014   Heluxx(HLX), Heluxx S
8,888,306   Elongated LED Lighting Fixture   18-Nov-2014   Assignment recorded at Reel/Frame 037285 / 0918
8,888,325   Multiple Use LED Light Fixture   18-Nov-2014   Assignment recorded at Reel/Frame 033939 / 0672
8,896,207   Fluorescent Light Fixture Assembly with LED Lighting Element and Converter Modules   25-Nov-2014   Assignment recorded at Reel/Frame 025707 / 0474
8,956,005   Low-Profile Elongated LED Light Fixture   17-Feb-2015   Assignment recorded at Reel/Frame 023703 / 0631
8,985,795   Elongated LED Lighting Fixture   24-Mar-2015   No assignment filed; continuation of ‘977 patent (checked matter -0050)
9,134,019   Multiple Use LED Light Fixture   15-Sep-2015   Assignment recorded at Reel/Frame 036005 / 0478
9,163,812   LED Light Fixture Assembly   20-Oct-2015   Assignment recorded at Reel/Frame 036318 / 0891

This information is provided in compliance with 35 U.S.C. 287(a).  The ElectraLED products appearing in the above table are covered by one or more of the U.S. Patent(s) listed in corresponding line in the table. This listing is provided without prejudice, is subject to revision and other patents may also be relevant to a listed product or to a design based, in whole or in part, on a listed product.